Meet The Maker

Lisa Cloud was born in New Mexico, raised in Oklahoma and spent nearly a decade living around the Western states with a few suitcases in tow. From ages 15-20, she worked at a bead store in Tulsa, OK where her passion for jewelry and minerals started. For years, Lisa would spend hours upon hours educating herself on the world of silversmithing until she could afford a basic setup in 2016. Constantly learning and evolving, she is completely self-taught through trial and error. Lisa is inspired by both the American and Australian Southwest and the colors of the deserts, oceans, prairies, forests and mountains she has lived near.

 As a profession, Lisa worked and travelled as a winemaker for 9 years but never stopped creating on the side. She took a seasonal job working a wine harvest in the SW of Western Australia in 2017 and this is when she decided that the travelling would end and roots would begin. It was here that she found the peaceful and simple life she was destined for. In mid 2021, she left the wine industry to follow her true passion of jewelry making.

Follow Lisa on Instagram, @feralcloud, to keep up to date with photos of her work, release dates, travels and her life down under.