Meet the Maker: Lisa Cloud

I was born in New Mexico and raised in Oklahoma. I left home in my early adulthood to live a minimalist lifestyle across the Western United States for nearly a decade.

From ages 15-20, I worked at a bead store, igniting my love for jewelry and minerals. Throughout the years, I continued expressing myself through the art of jewelry-making. With self-education and dedication, I honed my skills as a silversmith by 2016.

for nine years, I pursued winemaking while crafting jewelry on the side. A transformative experience during a wine harvest in Margaret River lead me to a new sense of contentment. In 2021, I embraced my true passion for jewelry, leaving the wine industry behind.


Sustainability holds paramount importance within my art, and I am consistently researching and improving endeavours to align my practices accordingly. I prioritise sustainability in my practices by utilising recycled silver, carefully sourcing my stones from trusted suppliers, and using only earth-friendly packaging materials.

My biggest inspiration comes from the stones themselves; the beautiful minerals our earth can create takes centuries to form. Like a fine wine, each stone is unique and tells a story about the exact place it originates from. My aim is merely to showcase these precious stones with sterling silver to create a long-lasting wearable piece of the earth's history.

Behind the Name

FERAL - A liberated and untamed way of living, against the grain of modern society. It signifies a connection with nature, embracing simplicity, self-sufficiency, and a primal essence in daily existence.

CLOUD - My surname.

JEWELRY - Being from the US, this is my natural and authentic way of spelling.

Follow me on Instagram @feralcloud to keep up to date with photos of my work, release dates and more.